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Massage Therapy in Prattville, AL

Services That Are Tailored to You

During the intake process at AMS Studios, our massage therapists evaluate your gait, posture, body mechanics, and body structure in order to implement the best course of action for your care. Although they have a clinical mindset when it comes to massage therapy in Prattville, they don't rule out their own intuitive nature. Combining these different perspectives allows them to tailor their massage services and techniques to be as useful and effective as possible.

Everything From Orthopedic to Swedish Massages

We offer massage therapy that focus on a specific area or muscle group in order to decrease pain, tension, soreness, or injury and improve muscular function. Our Swedish massage services are designed to promote overall relaxation, while also increasing range of motion and circulation to muscles and connective tissue throughout the body. This is a wonderful de-stressor and works well for clients who have high blood pressure.

Couples Massage | Orthopedic and Swedish Massage Therapy in Prattville, AL | AMS Studios

Couples Massages - A Favored Experience

Enjoy a relaxing experience with your favorite partner whether mother/daughter, spouse, friend, or any combo in between in either the same room or separate rooms we accommodate your needs. Couples massages may only be booked by calling 334.730.1268. This type of massage is available for $140 for a 60-minute session or $190 for a 90-minute session.

We Offer Specialized Prenatal Massage Work

We offer a series of massages that are tailored specifically for mothers-to-be. The techniques that we use will support the client and her new baby throughout every stage of pregnancy after 12 weeks. During pregnancy, the body goes through many transitions, which can be stressful to both mind and the body. Our massage services may help to decrease irritability and tension, allowing the mother-to-be to more easily adjust to the changes going on in her body. This series of seven massages is the perfect gift for baby showers and birthdays.

Enjoy a Soothing Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones comfort and calm the mind, while also rendering muscles more limber and allowing the massage therapist to gain access to deeper layers. You may add hot stones to any session to either focus on a specific area or the entire body.

Thai Massage

Defined simply: It's an applied mixture of yoga and acupressure. Passive stretching, joint mobilization, and gentle rhythmic compression are utilized to open and balance the body. Wear your favorite workout clothes for this session. This type of massage is available for $75 for a 45-minute session or $90 for a 60-minute session.

Foot Massage | Orthopedic and Swedish Massage Therapy in Prattville, AL | AMS Studios

Take Advantage of Our Reflexology and Reiki Techniques

Reflexology is useful for relieving tension, improving circulation, and promoting balanced energy flow throughout your body. Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction technique in which gentle pressure is applied with the hands in key locations to enhance the flow and motion of universal energy. These techniques have been found to alleviate tension, reduce pain, and free up any emotional blocks, leaving you with a sense of peace and well-being.

Take Care of Your Feet with this Sweet Feet Treat Add-On

We also offer special treatment for your tired, aching feet. This service consists of either an in-depth sugar or salt scrub followed by warm towels.

Your Time is Valuable to Us

Please note that the time that you pay for is the literal amount of hands-on massage time you will receive. For example, a 60-minute massage includes an interview, time to get undressed and dressed, 60 minutes of actual hands-on massage time, and a follow-up afterward. Therefore, you should plan for your appointment to last slightly longer than the amount of time you paid for. We integrate many modalities into each massage based on your specific needs, regardless of the technique.

15 Minutes

30 MInutes

45 Minutes

60 Minutes

90 Minutes

120 Minutes

Add-On Hot Stone or Sweet Feet Treat

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Series of Five 60-Minutes Sessions

Series of Five 90-Minute Sessions

Ashley M. AL#3784 and Tammy G. AL#4944 are both members of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

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Ashley Mehm completed her training for massage therapy from Trenholm State and passed the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork in 2013. Following graduation, she worked at Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge in Alaska. She specializes in therapeutic modalities to relax the mind and relieve muscles combining, neuromuscular techniques, such as Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, and Reflexology. She is also certified in Prenatal, Sports and Hot Stone Massage and can offer Cupping and Thai Compress massage as well and is currently working towards getting certified Orthopedic Massage.

Tammy Giordano has a passion for helping people recover from the rigors of daily stress and health issues. She works as a physical therapy technician. In her work, she has encountered many people who suffered from various types of pain. She has been able to offer pain management through interferential massage, exercises, whirlpool baths, wound debridement, stretching and traction.

In 2008 Tammy acquired her basic studies for Physical Therapy Assistant. Studying Anatomy, Physiology and Biological Compounds has given her a diverse background that led her journey to massage school.

Tammy graduated as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) from the Montgomery School of Bodywork and Massage. Her certifications include but are not limited to the following: Therapeutic Massage, Orthopedic Massage, Thai Massage, Pre-Natal, Cranial Sacral, Diabetic/Neuropathy, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Hot Stone.

Contact us at 334.730.1268, today, schedule a session with one of our licensed massage therapists. Don’t forget to ask about our many other services, including; eyelash extensions, professional sugar waxing, spray tanning, skin care in Prattville, so much more.