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AMS Studios is now offering Electrolysis, the only true permanent method for removing unwanted hair. It's safe for all skin and hair types and effective on any hair color. Many things— including hormones, medications, and even stress— can cause unwanted hair growth.

How Electrolysis works:

A very small, sterile probe is inserted directly into the follicle right alongside the hair. Once inserted, an electrical impulse is introduced, which destroys the hair follicle, and the hair is gently removed. Since there are nerves and blood vessels nourishing the follicle, you may experience some mild discomfort throughout the process. All hair grows in cycles and the growth cycle of each hair differs. Because of these different growth cycles of hair, multiple treatments are needed in order to remove hair permanently. The number of treatments needed is determined by a variety of factors and is different for each client.

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Where can I have hair removed?

Electrolysis can be performed on all body areas, however removal of hair from moles is not permanent.

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15 Minutes


30 Minutes


60 Minutes


Preparing for you appointment:

1. Hydrate! Being well hydrated is essential to an effective electrolysis session and minimizes your discomfort.
2. No Plucking or Waxing. Hair can be clipped or shaved, however it must be protruding through the skin in order for us to remove it.
3. Lotions, creams, or deodorants on the area of treatment should be avoided.
4. Wear freshly laundered, comfortable clothing.
5. If you’ve purchased numbing cream from our office, please apply it 30 min prior to your appointment, following the included instructions.

After your appointment:

1. Keep the area clean and dry. Apply witch hazel and aloe vera gel to calm the skin if needed.
2. Avoid touching or picking at the area. Since blood vessels nourish the follicle, tiny blood scabs are normal and will resolve within 21 days.
3. Avoid spray tans or self-tanning products, body lotions, or perfumes as they can irritate the treatment areas.
4. Avoid tanning beds or direct sunlight and use a minimum of SPF 30 to avoid hyperpigmentation of the treatment area. Also avoid steam treatments such as saunas as well as hot tubs, which can also cause hyperpigmentation.
5. Avoid swimming pools to limit the risk of bacteria being introduced into the follicle.
6. Take lukewarm baths or showers.
7. Avoid activities that promote increased bloodflow and/or sweating for at least 48 hours.
8. Do not apply make-up to the treatment area for 48 hours.
9. Wear freshly laundered, comfortable, nos-restrictive clothing.
10. Contact us with any concerns or questions.